Full Male to Male Body Massage Technique

At Phillips, it’s our constant endeavor to educate our customers on how we’ll do the bodywork and what benefits it’ll bring to them. Along with our clientele, our blog readership is increasing day by day; so we thought of creating this blog post on Full Body Massage Technique so you can know how our masseurs at Phillips massage your body and how even you can bestow a great body massage to your partner.We divide the full body massage into 5 zones during our male to male body massage sessions. Here goes the technique:

male to male body massage
Step 1: Initiate with Feet:
During one of our Male to Male Body Massage in Pune, our client asked, “why do you always start with the feet?” The answer was simple; we carry our bodies through the day on our feet. Feet is the most stressed area in any given body, starting with feet releases the tension accumulated in the most exhausted part of our body giving an instant bout of relief.

Our Tip:
We start with taking feet in both hands and lay special focus on the arch of the feet as this is where the strain lays the most. We emphasize on pressure points for good foot reflexology.

Step 2: Move up to Legs:
Our masseurs begin with long and light pressure strokes covering the entire legs from calf muscles to upper thighs giving a warming up. Then we use the Kneading technique on the back of calf and upper thighs.Our Tip: We cover the leg immediately after massaging to retain the warmth created by massage.

Step 3: Glide from Lower to Upper Back:
After legs it’s time to glide massage strokes from your lower back to the bottom of your neck. A Press and Release technique is best deployed in the body massage of Upper back.Our Tip: We focus and spare time on this step as a lot of knots and kinks are usually present in this area.

Step 4: Neck and Shoulders
Our Male to Male Body Massage experts use knuckles, kneading and press & release technique in the neck and shoulders area.Our Tip: We stand in front of your head to get a full view of the shoulders and neck so as to massage effectively.

Step 5: Hands and Arms
After neck and shoulders, it’s time to relax the tensed arms, biceps and hands. Again starting with gentle stretching to kneading the tendons, a deep tissue massage helps release tension and increases range of motion.Our Tip: We lift the arms from the bed so we can closely work on the muscles, pits, biceps and triceps.

Step 6: Head
The head has to be positioned towards ceiling. Our masseurs work out from the scalp to the ear lobes to the forehead and the rest of the fascia.Our Tip: The temples and hollows behind the ear lobes are good pressure points giving an immediate release of happiness hormones.In these 6 steps we cover your entire body and ensure a restoring, rejuvenating and re-energizing massage for you.