benefits of full body massage

7 proven benefits of full body massage for physical and mental health

Body massage is said to be heaven for those who knows its importance in life. Our world has developed in every aspect of technology, finance, resource optimization, lifestyle, education and many more. This resulted in more work force demand to increase productivity and development. But it adversely affected humans. Due to increased workload and mental pressure, a human body soon started becoming home for anxiety, depression, uneasiness, bad health and immunity, restlessness and sleeping disorders. But as we say every problem has a solution, a full body massage is one of those best solutions gifted by the combination of nature and medical sciences.

In full body massage, the whole body – from foot to toe is taken care of. From rubbing the muscles to applying deep forces on some body points to stimulate the much needed hormones, body massage goes even beyond this. Many kinds of natural oils, herbal powders and creams are used to provide the immense pleasure of a healthy and beneficial body massage.A full body massage is much needed thing for your body to get rid of stress, pain and anxiety.

benefits of full body massage

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Here are some of the top benefits of full body massage for a human body.

1. Body massage helps you release stress

The main reason behind any stress is overthinking about certain things. This happens due to some hormones and glands in the body which helps in boosting the stress. Stress can often lead to many chronic diseases too. So when you get a body massage from a professional, he/she knows some pressure points in the body which secrets or releases the relaxing liquids in the body. So it helps you in reducing some of the unnecessary stress which is there because of overthinking. It also helps you to prevent mental and emotional breakdown.

2. It helps in Pain relief

We often complain of unknown pain and stiffness in our body many times. This could happen due to many reasons, like muscle stress while sporting or exercising, wrong gym workout or even wrong sleeping pattern. A full body massage helps to get rid of these pains in just few hours. Deep tissue massage, hot towel massage, natural oil massage, powder massage are some kind of body massage that are specially originated for pain relief.

3. It fights Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental disorder which is very common to happen to any normal human being. Also the reasons for anxiety is very common, like money issues, health issues, family or job problems, the most common is love affairs. They leave negative impacts on life, fearful thoughts for future or guilt of some past happenings or both. Fatigue, twitching, nausea, laziness, headaches are some of the problems caused by anxiety. Now you might be thinking “what is the role of body massage in getting rid of anxiety?” So here is the answer.

Body massage acts as a cleanser from many body impurities. Massage types like deep body massage, Swedish massage, hot towel massage provides a calming and relaxing effect. Body massage helps in breaking down the toxins built-up due to anxiety and restores harmony of body parts. These massages include gently rubbing, pinching and kneading the muscles to a deep point. But before getting a body massage for anxiety relief, you must consult a physician, and if the physician suggests you for body massage then go for it.

4. Sleeping pattern improvement

Stress, anxiety, bad eating and sleeping habits, or wrong workouts can also lead to sleeping disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea. In such a case, instead of taking sleeping pills and tranquilizer, you must opt for a full body massage. Medications can have side effects and can also make you dependent on them for a long time. When you go for body massage it helps releasing serotonin – which is a compound in the blood platelets and serum. The increase in serotonin levels improves sleep patterns.

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5. Increase in mental sharpness

There are two sides in a human brain, a left-half and right-half. The left brain gets active when you are feeling happy, pleasing, surprised, excited or anything positive. While the right brain gets active when you are sad, depressed, anxious or stressed. It’s natural that when you are happy, you feel motivated and capable of contributing your best. But, in today’s era, life is so hectic. You have to involve in so many mental activities in day to day life. It’s impossible that you can’t face the negative effects of life. There are various ways to get rid of the negatives; body massage is one of those.

Biologically saying, body massage helps in activating the left part of your brain resulting in improvement of awareness and alertness. Body massage near neck and shoulder increases the blood flow in the brain preventing the bad consequences for memory and concentration. It helps in relaxing the tight and tensed muscles to release pain and stress, indirectly or directly benefiting the thinking and working efficiency. So you can actually gain a lot of mental sharpness with body massage.

6. Full body massage boosts body immunity

The health factor of your body mainly depends on your immune system. The stronger your immune system, the better your health is. It is the immune system which protects your body from and fights against various disease causing viruses and bacteria. A lymphatic organ named ‘spleen’ helps building the immune system. Spleen contains the white blood cells which fights infections or disease. White blood cells help a human body to heal or recover fast with any kind of disease or injury. Body massage helps you building a good immune system by increasing the white blood cells. A person with good immune system can perform difficult tasks such as weight lifting, trekking, long running or any task that needs lot of physical fitness and mental alertness.

7. Blood circulation improvement

Blood cells are the most important part of the body. They act as the careers of body nutrients like vitamins and proteins to every single cell of a human body. Blood also helps in detoxifying a body by filtering wastes in the body. So when the circulatory system is not working properly, your heart has to work more like pumping blood with more speed. This often leads to many heart diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, etc.

When you indulge in a body massage, the massage therapist applies pressure to body muscles and bones, which results in physical manipulation of the soft cells and tissues. It releases chemical hormones and gland in the body which makes you feel relaxed and easy. In this practice the blood starts flowing in the congested blood vessels and carries out metabolic waste form cells and internal organs. It lowers the blood pressure and improves body function.

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Why full body massage?

As you can see how a wise decision of yours to indulge in a full body massage can be fruitful for you. It can release unnecessary stress, help in pain relief, fight anxiety, improve sleeping disorders, gift mental alertness, boost immune system and improve blood circulation throughout the body. So if you are feeling uneasy, facing stress and anxiety, feeling sick always, then you should gift yourself a body massage. The results will just amaze you.

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