A Sneak Peak into Male to Male Body Massage!

Work pressures, stressful traveling, family tensions, office politics, lifestyle issues… all these words sound familiar to men living in metros live Delhi and Mumbai. These are not just words; in reality they are the monsters which are eating away our brain health as well as our body health. However, is it possible to shun them from our lives? I’m sure you’d agree with a “No”.

The best solution is to seek cure and remedy for our lifestyle worries rather than try to escape from these situations or fall prey to them. What best as a man you can do is giving time to yourself! Just imagine a 90 minutes relaxation time where you are away from all the worldly woes with another man who is just working on your body to relax every nod, every adhesion in your body and every tension in your nerves.

Yes, I’m delving on male to male body massage. A masseur – a body massage male specialist performs various types of strokes across your body frame to give you the best possible relaxation. During a male to male body massage, the masseur uses massage strokes like stretching, friction, kneading, tapping, and in between effleurage strokes to energize and relax you.There are many advantages attached with a Male to Male Body Massage. 3 best things about male to male body massage being the following:Privacy and Comfort: The first being your privacy and comfort. Many people shy away from getting to their bare minimal in front of females. However that’s not the case during a male to male body massage.

You can simply get in your essentials and let the masseur work out the best body massage for you.Massage Time: In a male to male body massage, the massage time is usually 90 minutes. During this 90 minutes relaxing time, you can expect the energy levels of your masseur high and consistent as men have better stamina.Pressure: You can always expect a good grip and hand pressure for a quick relief to tensed and worn out muscles.

At Philips Male to Male Body massage service in Delhi and Mumbai, we ensure that we understand your needs and your body type first and then give our best massaging experience to you for immediate stress relief and prolonged body relaxation. We ensure that you are comfortable with our masseur, you get the hand pressure as per your body type and your personal choice and thirdly we ensure that you enjoy heavens during the 90 minutes that you spend with us!