A Sneak Peak into Male to Male Body Massage!

Work pressures, stressful traveling, family tensions, office politics, lifestyle issues… all these words sound familiar to men living in metros live Delhi and Mumbai. These are not just words; in reality they are the monsters which are eating away our brain health as well as our body health. However, is it possible to shun them from our lives? I’m sure you’d agree with a “No”. Read more

Experience a Relaxing Body Massage in Delhi and Mumbai

Body Massage is a term synonymous with Body Relaxation when there is a perfect harmony with the nature of our body and mind. Life in a metro like Delhi and Mumbai can be hectic and stressful leading to an imbalance between our physical and mental wellbeing. To deal with this imbalance and stress there’s nothing better than a body massage at your own place in Delhi or Mumbai. Read more

Mumbai Men – Surrender Yourself to Best Body Massage in Mumbai!

Mumbai – the city of dreams gorges on good looks, well being and an enigmatic personality. Fashion and persona run in the very DNA of every Mumbaikar. Metrosexual men often resort to create an impressive persona by balancing their mind, body and soul rather than just spending on extravagant shopping. Fashion is all about being comfortable in your own skin. However given the stress and pollution levels of the Mumbai city, a monthly detoxification plan like body massage is the solution Men in Mumbai seek these days. Read more

Experience the Best Body Massage Service in Delhi

So, you know the myriad benefits of Body Massage, you’ve made your mind to get a body massage done at your home, but you are not sure which body massage service you can call to get the best body massage in Delhi.Well, let us take you through a few questions that you may ask yourself to finalize which body massage service can make
you experience the Best Body Massage in Delhi. Here it goes: Read more

Massage Service for Athletes & Sportsmen!

The youngistan of India is health conscious so much so that boys these days are choosing Sports as a career. Given the money and fame that comes with a sports career, young guys work out in gyms and grounds to tone their bodies so that it develops the essential stamina, energy and flexibility. However working out for long hours in the gym or practicing in the grounds can even tear your muscles and make you feel tired and fatigue all the time.
Read more

cure insomnia with body massage therapy at body to body massage in delhi

How to cure insomnia and sleep insufficiency with body massage therapy?

Recently during our various sessions of Body Massage in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon, our masseurs observed that most of the clients reported insomnia or lack of sleep. During a sitting of body massage in Noida, one of our clients told us that he takes tranquilizer or sleeping pills to induce sleep but still when he wakes up the next day, he’s not fresh. The fact is heavy workload and busy schedules do not let your mind sleep even while you are physically asleep. Without a sound sleep you cannot perform to your full potential at work, college, gym or in life overall. Sleeping is the time when your body and mind regain the energy lost during the day. A minimum of 6 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep is the key to good health lest we say good fortune. But how to cure insomnia or sleeplessness remains a question! Read more

Preferences, Problems and Priorities – A Journey Through Body Massage

Have you ever spared a thought before going for a body massage session? A thought about your preferences, your problems – physical or psychological. At Phillips, we like to engage in a quick conversation with our clients before starting a male to male body massage.We would like to share some experiences during Male to Male Body Massage in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Faridabad. Read more

Your Body – A Temple for Your Soul

Have you ever thought of your body as a temple for your soul. Osho says that Your body is your temple where the lord resides as your sould. It’s your duty to keep the body in good shape and free from clutter of mind and space. However due to our work life and hectic schedules our body ceases to stay in good physical and mental health. Read more

Male Body Massage Service – An Express Body Treatment

A body massage is an express body treatment which relieves body strain and relaxes stress instantly. Given the hustle bustle of life, traffic jams, distance traveled, long working hours, demanding relationships, work pressure, deadlines…. You definitely need a much-deserved break at least once in a while. And what can be a better solution than body massage service right at your home or place of your choice. Read more

Full body massage techniques

Full Body Massage Technique Used By Professionals

At Phillips, it’s our constant endeavor to educate our customers on how we’ll do the bodywork and what benefits it’ll bring to them. Along with our clientele, our blog readership is increasing day by day, so we thought of creating this blog post on Full Body Massage Techniques. In this mini blog, you can know how our masseurs at Phillips massage your body and how even you can bestow a great body massage to your partner. We divide the full body massage into 6 zones during our male to male body massage sessions. Here goes the technique: Read more