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Natural Oils

Natural oils are the best ingredient one can ever find for a perfect body massage. A human body is a natural oil absorbent and if it get the right suited oil in the body muscles and bones, it releases relaxing sensations in the body resulting in a fresh and stress less mind and body.

Natural Powder and Herbs

Natural and herbal powder massage is used to remove body toxins through skin cells. It also reduces excess fat under the skin. Powder massage tones the body and also improves skin complexion. It helps in exfoliation and rejuvenation of skin preventing many kind skin diseases. Powder massage is done both dry and wet and both has their benefits.

full body massage service for male in Delhi
full body massage service in Delhi

Hot Towels

Hot towel massage is quite trendy, also known as hydro thermal therapy as it includes applying hot and moist towels. Towel massage is generally helpful to massage those areas of body where general massage is not recommended like in case of arthritis. This kind of massage tightens the muscles and increases blood circulation in the nerves. Oils and other kind of lubrication can also be used with towels for better massage experience.

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