Body massage oils recommended by massage professionals

8 body massage oils recommended by professionals all over the world

Living a life is not an easy thing. You have to struggle, work hard, survive, feed your family, and repeat the same next day. It’s a daily life cycle. But in this long journey, our body gets tired and needs special attention sometimes which must not be ignored. Getting a body massage regularly is one of those ‘must be fulfilled’ need to refill back the energy and freshness. From ancient times, some natural and herbal body massage oils are used for a healthy and nutritional body massage. There are many body massage oils generally used by professionals and other people. Some of them are rare and costly, but some are affordable and easily available. Both Ayurveda and Science recommends natural body massage oils for massage. Sometimes more than one massage oils are mixed to get more fruitful results. Read more

Massage rules Tips before getting a massage

Things to know before getting a body massage therapy

Sometimes we expect a lot and commit a little. It does not go in our favor in many situations. Same thing happens when you have to go for a body massage therapy session. We expect a lot from the massage session, but we hesitate to follow the massage rules. In return, it affects our body. In this blog, you will read about some important things to know before body massage therapy. These tips before getting a massage will help you know the dos and don’ts before massage.

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benefits of full body massage

7 proven benefits of full body massage for physical and mental health

Body massage is said to be heaven for those who knows its importance in life. Our world has developed in every aspect of technology, finance, resource optimization, lifestyle, education and many more. This resulted in more work force demand to increase productivity and development. But it adversely affected humans. Due to increased workload and mental pressure, a human body soon started becoming home for anxiety, depression, uneasiness, bad health and immunity, restlessness and sleeping disorders. But as we say every problem has a solution, a full body massage is one of those best solutions gifted by the combination of nature and medical sciences.

In full body massage, the whole body – from foot to toe is taken care of. From rubbing the muscles to applying deep forces on some body points to stimulate the much needed hormones, body massage goes even beyond this. Many kinds of natural oils, herbal powders and creams are used to provide the immense pleasure of a healthy and beneficial body massage.A full body massage is much needed thing for your body to get rid of stress, pain and anxiety.

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cure insomnia with body massage therapy at body to body massage in delhi

How to cure insomnia and sleep insufficiency with body massage therapy?

Recently during our various sessions of Body Massage in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon, our masseurs observed that most of the clients reported insomnia or lack of sleep. During a sitting of body massage in Noida, one of our clients told us that he takes tranquilizer or sleeping pills to induce sleep but still when he wakes up the next day, he’s not fresh. The fact is heavy workload and busy schedules do not let your mind sleep even while you are physically asleep. Without a sound sleep you cannot perform to your full potential at work, college, gym or in life overall. Sleeping is the time when your body and mind regain the energy lost during the day. A minimum of 6 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep is the key to good health lest we say good fortune. But how to cure insomnia or sleeplessness remains a question! Read more

Full body massage techniques

Full Body Massage Technique Used By Professionals

At Phillips, it’s our constant endeavor to educate our customers on how we’ll do the bodywork and what benefits it’ll bring to them. Along with our clientele, our blog readership is increasing day by day, so we thought of creating this blog post on Full Body Massage Techniques. In this mini blog, you can know how our masseurs at Phillips massage your body and how even you can bestow a great body massage to your partner. We divide the full body massage into 6 zones during our male to male body massage sessions. Here goes the technique: Read more

Body Massage Unfold the Secrets by Indulging and Participating!

Body Massage – Unfold the Secrets by Indulging and Participating!

Have you ever thought why there’s a rise in health-related issues? Why you get edgy with your life partner every now and then? Why you become jittery before a board meeting? Why are you not at peace with yourself? The answer to all the above questions is a mental and physical imbalance. Our stressful lives have left us with little choice but to fall prey to worries and lifestyle issues. Read more