Preferences, Problems and Priorities – A Journey Through Body Massage

Have you ever spared a thought before going for a body massage session? A thought about your preferences, your problems – physical or psychological. At Phillips, we like to engage in a quick conversation with our clients before starting a male to male body massage.We would like to share some experiences during Male to Male Body Massage in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Faridabad.

male to male body massage1. Preferences: Talking about preferences, there is a length and breadth of what men want. Some men like strokes with good strength for a deep tissue massage for relieving their muscles while others want a soothing hand but for a longer duration to relax and release stress. Our bodywork specialists ask your preferences and work on your body as per your mood and expectation.

2. Problems: We come across men with physical issues like back pain, fatigue, muscular pain while some complaint about psychological problems like anxiety, stress, lack of confidence… Our masseurs are specifically trained to perform different massage strokes keeping in mind different issues that you are dealing with. One of our clients during a Male to Male Body Massage in Mumbai shared that although he eats a healthy diet, still he feels body ache most of the time due to which despite being intellectual he’s not able to perform at his workplace. Our masseur suggested the client a deep tissue massage initially every alternate week and the client experienced improved strength and stamina in his body. It’s important for you to tell us your problems openly so we can suggest you the best possible solution to your problem.

3. Priorities: Coming to priorities, we suggest our clients that body massage is not just about some work on your skin but it’s an integration of body and mind via age-old and proven massage therapy. Health should be the numero uno priority of our life. Diseases like heart strokes, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, thyroid… occur when we make other things our priority and forget that health is the first step to a progressive life. We’ve observed in our regular clients that they have set their health as their priority in life and that’s one of the primary reasons for their outstanding success in life.

In short, tell your preferences and problems to your masseur before the beginning the body massage session and set your priorities right in life coz Health is Wealth!