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    We provide male to male body massage at home, hotel, resorts, villas, farm house or any other safe place.

About Us


Phillips body massage is a name always on the mind of our customers when they think of a relaxing and happy moment they ever had. We already have more than 15 years of expertise providing male to male body massage service in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Agra. Gradually our services are expanding to more cities in India. Our Male to male body massage home service is basically designed for men making us one of the leading male to male massage service providers.

A human body is not less than a temple; it needs to be taken care properly in so many ways. Apart from the basic life needs like food, home, money & lifestyle, a relaxing and soul-feeding massage is also needed for a well functioning human body. Today’s life scenario is so challenging that it bounds you and makes your mind and body lazy making it less effective. Continuing a 8 to 12 hours jobs is not a joke; it needs your body to be fit all the time to perform well and being productive. In case if you are the owner of any business then you rarely get time for yourself from your business and family.

Business meetings, travelling, untimely and unhealthy foods, improper sleeping hours, is enough to shatter your body in pain and laziness. But you cannot stop in this competitive world, you have to perform and give your best all the time. To cope with this entire hectic situation there is a perfect solution – a relaxing body massage. There are so many benefits of body massage. It improves the blood circulation in the body, boosts your mind and reduces muscle soreness. It acts as a painkiller resulting in immunity & flexibility boost and stress reduction.

Reasons to choose Phillips

Phillips male to male body massage is here to care of the most important need of your body and mind. We offer male to male body massage service at our customers’ doorstep. For your convenience, we also provide services in hotels, home, villas and guest houses. We have the most experienced and high class masseurs who know how to give the most relaxing massage session to relax every inch of your body with a Happy Ending Service. They are all fit, smart, good looking and muscular, and completely hygienic & healthy. They are all professionally trained in all kind of massage forms. On request, we also provide male models to enjoy a happy and satisfactory massage session.

Phillips body massage provide full body massage for men, deep body massage, tissue body massage, sensuous body massage, hot oil massage, powder massage and towel massage.

Our prices are very reasonable and customized. We let you decide when, where and how much time you require for a session. We are always ready to cater the best happy ending male body massage service.

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