Experience the Best Body Massage Service in Delhi

So, you know the myriad benefits of Body Massage, you’ve made your mind to get a body massage done at your home, but you are not sure which body massage service you can call to get the best body massage in Delhi.Well, let us take you through a few questions that you may ask yourself to finalize which body massage service can make
you experience the Best Body Massage in Delhi. Here it goes:

Best Body Massage in Delhi

1. Will the Body Massage service send a professional masseur?
Yes, at Philips we professionally educate and train our masseurs. We educate them on various body types, pressure points, different strokes, reflexology, acupressure and more…There isn’t a single technique which our masseurs don’t know. We have been catering to men for Male to Male Full Body Massage in Mumbai and Delhi for over a decade now and our experience & expertise is imbibed well in our masseurs.

2. Will the masseur demonstrate highest level of ethics?
At Philips, we can vouch for the best ethical practices and high level of etiquettes at all times from beginning to the end of the massage session. You can disrobe yourself to your level of comfort and your modesty is unconditionally respected by our masseurs. Some clients like to talk during the massage whereas some like to quietly enjoy the whole experience; our masseurs follow your lead. They are courteous and polite in their talks and they talk only if you take the lead otherwise they quietly perform massage without any useless interruptions. We suggest you to communicate if any particular stroke is not comfortable or if you want the masseur to focus on any painful area to release stress.

3. Will the body massage service provide towels & oil?
Our masseurs carry crisp clean and hygienic set of towels and oils with them. We use 100% herbal oils which penetrate deep into your skin and nourish it. To wipe off any extra oil after massage we use 100% cotton towels. So you don’t have to arrange for anything. Just an appointment is enough for you to experience a good body massage sitting, rest we take care of, completely!

4. What would be duration of the massage?
Our Masseurs perform massage for 90 minutes which means that you are given an hour and a half of gentle, invigorating and relaxing massage so that each and every part of your body gets attention in detail from our male massage specialist.

5. Will the masseur have a pleasing personality and personal hygiene?
This point is often neglected by many massage services however at Philips it’s our conscious effort to hire masseurs with pleasing personality, friendly attitude and who care for personal hygiene as well as grooming. You’d find our masseurs in an absolutely fresh look, perfectly manicured & pedicured, and carrying a subtle cologne
aura! We hope the above five points help you choose the bests body massage in Delhi through Philips body massage service!