cure insomnia with body massage therapy at body to body massage in delhi

How to cure insomnia and sleep insufficiency with body massage therapy?

Recently during our various sessions of Body Massage in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon, our masseurs observed that most of the clients reported insomnia or lack of sleep. During a sitting of body massage in Noida, one of our clients told us that he takes tranquilizer or sleeping pills to induce sleep but still when he wakes up the next day, he’s not fresh. The fact is heavy workload and busy schedules do not let your mind sleep even while you are physically asleep. Without a sound sleep you cannot perform to your full potential at work, college, gym or in life overall. Sleeping is the time when your body and mind regain the energy lost during the day. A minimum of 6 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep is the key to good health lest we say good fortune. But how to cure insomnia or sleeplessness remains a question!

At Phillips Body Massage, we suggest that you should not look for temporary and quick solutions like sleeping pills or tranquilizer as their dependency slows down the mind in the long run and you tend to increase their consumption over a period of time. At Phillips we’ve cured many a clients with Insomnia by a more holistic way – by inculcating body massage therapy in their lifestyles.

You might be wondering that how body massage helps in improving insomnia. Let us explain in 3 simple points:

1. Increased Serotonin

Serotonin is considered the sleep communicator between body and mind. Innumerable studies conducted in the US have proved that full body massage increases serotonin levels in the body which improves the sleep patterns of the person receiving body massage often.

2. Relieved Muscles

During a body massage session, masseurs press various points, tissues, tendons to relax the tensed muscles. The impact of body massage is clear when a client feel relieved from bodily pains during and after a full body massage session. When the body is relaxed and there’s no sign of pain – a better sleep can be expected.

3. Relaxed Mind

A body massage relaxes your mind instantly, moreover regular body massages boost immunity and makes us efficient in our day to day chores. Efficiency at work and healthy living are the founding stones of peace of mind in today’s world. A relaxed mind fosters sleep as you don’t.

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More on how to cure insomnia :

There are various types of body massage therapies that help to get an amazing and unexpected relaxation. Now our country is developing in all the areas like technology, business, marketing, biological science and many others. Body cure therapy is also among these. There are so many professional massage therapist and masseurs who know extremely well about their profession. They are aware of every pressure points that can help you feel the extreme relaxation and peace. In fact, they are masters in all kind of body massages, such as hot oil massage, deep tissue massage, acupressure massage, powder massage, towel massage, cream massage, foot massage, and many other, they are countless.

So there is a 100% possibility for you to get rid of insomnia or any other sleeping disorders when you regularly take body massage sessions by professionals. For current hard and smart working generation, a professional body massage is a must need now. So don’t think much, take a body massage and feel the positive change by yourself. Take care.